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Today I'd like to tell you about the recent launch of the new version of my very first project: Uneed. Uneed is a hand-crafted list of tools, to which a new tool is added every day. This allows you to quickly find the best tools for your needs!

New features

This new version brings several new features:

  • Dynamic URLs. Previously, Uneed only worked with one URL. This one now changes depending on the category or the tool selected, which allows you to share a tool via a URL. And from my side, this is going to make communication a lot easier: I will now be able to share "the best monitoring tools" things very easily.
  • One page per tool. Having a specific URL for each tool will allow me to add much more information, which will not all be displayed on the small card of the homepage.
  • A button to display all categories. These were getting to be numerous, they are now hidden by default so as not to disturb the navigation.
  • A server. Uneed was until now a 100% static site, that I had to rebuild every time I added a new tool! In addition to saving me time, this will allow me to work on new features: authentication, bookmarks, suggested modifications, etc.
As you can see, these new features are mainly built to prepare the ground for new, more impactful features.

The future

I have many things planned for Uneed! Not everything will happen overnight as this project is not my number one priority, but... one day!

  • User management. You will soon be able to log in to Uneed to manage your favorite tools! You will have access to a new tab that will allow you to display only your favorite tools. This feature will also allow you to save your favorite sorting mode, suggest corrections or additions to tools, and much more.
  • Much more information about each tool. I plan to add things like pricing information (free, paid, freemium), longer descriptions, user reviews, year of creation, screenshots, etc.
  • The possibility for users to add a tool themselves. No more waiting for my validation and research or being limited by the fact that I only add one tool per day!


Thanks for reading, don't hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or feedback on Uneed, it will help me a lot!


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