Hello, Iā€™m Thomas

Doing all kind of stuff on the internet



About me

I'm an indie hacker, developer, designer and teacher


VueJS/NuxtJS expert with 5y of experience. I'm also a huge Supabase fan. I love building beautiful and useful (eg beautuseful) things.


UX/UI are the foundation of all products. I give every website I make special attention to the details.

Indie hacker

I've been building projects since I was 14. It's my main hobby, and it taught me development, design, marketing and so many other skills!


I've been freelancing my whole career, and I don't plan to change! Shout me an email to hire me as a developer or a designer: I may be available!


I'm teaching at Ada Tech School since late 2022, and I love it! I'm mentoring students and helping them with their projects.

Contact me

Send me a message to hire me, just to talk or to tell me your best joke

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