Uneed Frontend - My first side-project

Hi there,

You couldn't miss it for sure, UNeed - Frontend is online! And it's even been featured on Product Hunt!

UNeed is a list of tools for frontend developers, categorized and selected by me. If you are looking for a new CMS to test or want to compare frontend testing solutions, add the site to your favorites :) !

You also have the possibility to promote your tool: it will be displayed in the first results of the homepage, can be present in several categories, and will appear at the top of each of them.

UNeed, where did that come from?

I recently found myself unemployed, with plenty of free time. I opened my To Do list, and I came across this idea I had a while ago: a list of tools for front-end developers.

I don't know about you, but with these hundreds of tools coming out every week, I often forget their names, even though I'm sure I'll use them one day! And when I do a google search to try to find good websites to learn a new thing, it's not easy to find my way around. And then finally, some applications and extensions are not necessarily very well known, but can make you gain a lot in productivity and are worth sharing!

How's the premium mode working out?


So far, 4 customers have subscribed to UNeed to showcase their product. That's about 38$ per month, and it's already incredible!

What's next?

First, my goal is to succeed in stabilizing the traffic, in order to have enough visits and clicks on the tools to make it interesting to be premium. I will also continue to add tools! Many of you have filled in the google form available on the site to offer me your products: thank you very much! I've added some of them, but I try to remain as selective as possible, and especially to test myself a large part of the tools displayed on UNeed. It takes time, and I can't accept everything: UNeed would lose interest.

In a second time, I start working on a declination of UNeed, that you will be able to discover soon :).

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