Freeesby: A day to build a project

Yesterday with Anna, my girlfriend, we decided to launch a new project in one day, based on an idea I had on Saturday.

This project is called Freeesby.

It's a feedback exchange platform. The concept is very straightforward: anyone can ask for feedback on anything, and anyone can give a feedback. A feedback costs 1 "credit" to the one who receives it, and earns 1 to the one who gives it. There will also be the possibility to buy credits.

The product can theoretically be used for free, and those who don't have the time/patience/money can speed up the process.

You can relive this day by reading this thread

Our process

Even though the idea seemed simple enough, we decided to start by making wireframes to make sure the product would work.

And this is what our first wireframe looks like, which represents the homepage of the application with the list of feedback requests:

We made a total of 7 wireframes, and here is the last one which represents the page of a feedback request, with the feedback received at the bottom:

In the meantime, Anna had found a name (Freeesby is amazing isn't it??) and bought the domain name.

Then just before lunch, I started to make a landing even though we had agreed not to... I have way too much trouble making things simple! πŸ˜…

We did a quick one-pot (best value for money!!) and had coffee on the balcony with a friend.... It was not a short break πŸ˜‚

So after this long break, I finished the landing page while Anna set up the data model on Supabase.

That afternoon, Anna took care of almost all the JS and "logical" size! Then we had to do the integration. We were getting tired and a little bit bored, so we went very fast and decided to put aside the payment part and the mobile version (the website only works on desktop as I write those lines).

The DNS of the domain name was not ready yet, but Netlify came to our rescue...

πŸ‘‰οΈ Click here to see the website

We're very proud of what we managed to produce in one day: the prototype is not ugly, works quite well, and 75% of the features are present. We still need the payments features, the mobile version, and there are some visual elements to improve.

We'll try to finish the first version this week-end, and start marketing the project! We'll see if it works, but we're confident πŸ˜„.

We had some very good feedback on Twitter: Thank you all for your answers which motivated us throughout this day πŸ™

A bientΓ΄t πŸ‘‹

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